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[14 Oct 2012|09:23pm]


Hey there, I went the little HEARTS. 4th anniversary concert on the 6th this month. 

The set list from Oct. 6th was as follows:
intro (what they got on stage to): ロード・オブ・ザ・ミャンマー (Lord of the Myanmar)
1. 我伐道 (Gakidou)
2. ザザ降り雨 (Zazaburi Ame)
3. 独楽 (Koma)
4. 凛然アイデンティティ (Rinzen Identity)
5. teeny-tiny star

Bansaku wasn't at the show still and they left his bass on stage. Everyone was in relatively in a good mood, though. ryo was all smiles and his hair is a bit lighter now. They were hocking off goods from the earlier tours; there wasn't anything new at all. Of course baroque was amazing and left me wanting to see them again. And as Bansaku is missing and the NHK hall show is the last show they have listed (and I'm worried..) I managed to get off work and whatnot to be able to go to the NHK Hall live next month as well and I'll update how that goes.

I'm sorry in advance, but please don't send me any requests for goods.

I was 3rd row, right in front of Akira. The furi for baroque is alternating between clapping cutely and headbanging like crazy! There was a part in 独楽 where ryo would sing one line, and then we would sing the next and we alternated during that verse. I think ザザ might have had the most headbanging. 凛然 is definitely meant to be played live; though I was really hoping for ila. or モノドラマ (monodrama). All in all it was a really fun live, but it was a shame they could only play five songs. ryo did have a short MC but I can't really remember what he said--my listening ability is pretty crappy anyway.

The bands played in this order: DaizyStripper, vistlip, Sadie, wyse, baroque, Girugamesh, Nightmare.

Speaking of goods, though, here is a picture of all the goods I bought while in Tokyo.

1. my ticket
2. signed baroque card (of course missing bansaku's signature)
3. baroque t-shirt (from the 2nd stage of their phenomenon tour.. so from like february/march i think)
4. boogieman towel (I got this at closet child, not the live)
5. SHOXX nightmare vs baroque
6. LEGENDA take free mag
7. akira cheki (I got this at closet child. The sales woman gave me the Japanese brush off about cheki at the live. We were pretty unimpressed with the sales service of everyone but the guy working the Girugamesh table)
8. Mと積み木遊び (M to Tsumiki Asobi) demo tape (closet child again, not the live)
9. Fanclub pamphlet (closet child)
10. Tour pamph for the 3rd stage of the phenomenon tour
11. Tour pamph for the 1st and 2nd stage of the phenomenon tour

I also got a sticker. The only new thing was the LEGENDA--which was free and the signed card which was a event special thing anyway. The signed card wasn't sold at the baroque table, it was a present if you bought more than ¥2,000 at the little HEARTS. table (which my friend spent..way more than that and got that for me and gave it to me). 

If you have any specific questions about the live I'll be happy to answer them.

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Baroque Live Videos [06 Jul 2012|03:08pm]

[ mood | elated because baroque is back ]

Hey guys, I noticed that when baroque released their three singles at the same time, they were giving a bonus DVD to people that bought all three singles together. Does anybody have this DVD? I would be thrilled if somebody could upload it or host a torrent of it. Also does anybody have the new Re: First Live In Future DVD? I would love to get an .iso of that too, but if nobody has it then I will buy it.


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selling Baroque Re:First Live IN FUTURE towel! [25 Jan 2012|11:57pm]

Hi guysss~!!! 

I'm currently selling away Baroque バッロク 2012 LIVE "Re:First Live IN FUTURE" Towel.
They have 2 version.
The white one & the orange one, I'm selling away both.

BOTH IS BRAND NEW, Took out to take pic & check condition.

Selling WHITE version @ 1,600JPY [SOLD]

Please tell me your location and I'll calculate for you.
I'm located in Singapore & I'll only ship by NORMAL AIRMAIL.
I repeat NORMAL AIRMAIL... If you would like to ship by EMS or REGISTER AIRMAIL, there'll be additional charge & you need to inform me so I can calculate the shipping fees.

thanks~~ in need of cash.. so i need to sell it~~ ><

FEEDBACK: http://www.haruki-ys-91.livejournal.com/1277.html
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baroque revival!! [11 Sep 2011|03:52pm]

If you go to pigmy.co.jp you'll notice something is different
It asks you to put in the revival spell.

what you should type in is infuture
It might not work if you hit enter so make sure to click the button below labeled けってい

A flash will play. I did a loose translation of what it said over on fuckyeahkannivalism on tumblr. On tumblr we'll be updating as we here more news. 

There's a countdown on the page as well for 16 days, so we are assuming that an announcement will be made then! 
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Translating Ryo's tweets [17 Jul 2011|12:32pm]

I posted this on the community for Kannivalism the other day but I figured I should probably put it here too.

Just in case anyone is interested, I started translating Ryo's tweets about a week ago or so. I'll also be translating Yuchi's, kannivalism's, baroque's and boogieman's tweets.

The translations can be found here.

You can search the translations through the tags with either the date they were posted (in Japan) or by their twitter handle. Since I just started it won't be that hard to look through them, but I'm sure it will come in handy later. Any requests for translations of anything specific related to kannivalism/baroque/boogieman is okay too. I mostly started translating them to learn more Japanese and practice since it's been three months since I came back from Japan and I haven't really used my Japanese since then.

I figured someone might appreciate the translations! Sorry I'm not going to be putting them on livejournal. I don't use lj enough.

and of course if anyone has any corrections that would be great.

I generally get the translations out a day after they are tweeted in one post for the day. 

Thank you!
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baroque news?! [09 Jun 2011|09:44am]

i've woke up to a lot of ryou's twitter entries along with this:


i don't understand japanese and i've used an online translator so i could understand the tweets but it seems baroque are getting together for giving a concert the day july 17??

something could translate this? ;o;~
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Translation of "Baby Baby" [27 Feb 2011|11:32am]

Hey everyone! I did a quick little translation of "Baby Baby," enjoy here at my journal.

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WTS: -RARE- Baroque Ankuro Film Video Tape [26 Jul 2010|04:40pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Dear dearies,

I'm selling the video tape on Baroque's PV 'Ankuro Film'. This is authentic from S'Cube, which I won at a Japanese radio show.

Baroque 'Ankuro Film' Video Tape

  • Original from S'Cube
  • RARE
  • Released in August 12, 2001
  • In good condition

US$12 (negotiable)

More PicturesCollapse )

Price is negotiable. Payment by PayPal. Shipment to WorldWide. Please contact me at chiewling.lee@gmail.com to purchase. First-come-first-serve. No reservation.

Thank you for looking.

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[09 Sep 2009|03:48pm]

  One year ago he announced his solo work! ♥ So, they updated his homepage. Check it out!! 

Click to enlarge.

1st one is taken from his blog.  I wanna have one. ♥

I really wish there would be a bigger version.
It looks adorable.

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happy birthday ryou! [25 Jul 2009|10:43pm]

posted this on my journal but i must post it here too~ :3
yeah, two days late, according to japan.

i really wish he would come back...i miss his voice. :/
but well, i hope he had a great birthday~
and i wish him the best wishes~

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Translation of "ila." [08 Jul 2009|02:15pm]

Hey guys! I translated Baroque's "ila."

Check it out here at my journal!!

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boogieman 「new world」 PV [16 Jan 2009|12:29pm]

[ mood | curious ]

The PV's out!

So.. What do you think?
Yay! Aki-chan still has his hat! ='D


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ryou icons [24 Dec 2008|08:47am]

[1-4]sou (lolita23q), miku (an cafe), ryutarou (plastic tree)
[5-12]ryou baroque
[21-24]kannivalism, kei, lolita23q
[25-6]tsukasa (bis), miku (an cafe)
[27-31]plastic tree
[32-33]shuuta (irokui), saki (clearveil)

[3]fo banners
[1]color bar

here @ p_rainbow_days
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[21 Nov 2008|03:56pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hello everyone!!

This is a bit of a shameless community info spam post *laugh*
I created a community dedicated to Kei, for everyone who liked his single/job. I hope it starts growing!!

So please if you like Kei and his solo work, join!!

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FO banners [30 Oct 2008|10:40pm]

[ mood | blank ]

hi, i'm back again! :D
i made some FO banners!

[4]An Cafe

[1]Ryuuto - ClearVeil
[2]Danger Gang
[2]Ryutarou - Plastic Tree

you can find them here! @ p_rainbow_days

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just to revive this community a little... [29 Oct 2008|05:49pm]

[ mood | calm ]

happy 31st birthday! :)
i hope his new band boogieman will last long.
best wishes!
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[23 Sep 2008|08:22pm]

[ mood | happy ]


Here is the Baroque last indies live clip uploaded.

If you can't download it via megaupload or something tell me and I will upload it in other site



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i am also making the community lively :D [22 Sep 2008|06:13pm]

[ mood | calm ]

here's the expect rush photoshoot.
for tsuribashi and anyone else who wants it. ^^

expect rush II photoshoot

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keeping this a bit alive :D [22 Sep 2008|11:53am]

[ mood | depressed ]

Hi again!!!

This comm seems a bit half dead ;_; and I just wanted to share a bit of the Baroque love!

I found some old videos in a cd I burned somewhen in the... 2005 or so and since I didn't see them in the youtube I decided to upload them, I also upload their expect rush that aoi_shoujo send my in my request, thanks again!! If you want me to credit you I will do so x)

There are the videos, I hope they are new for you also (:

expect rush (again thanks to aoi_shoujo

Little clip from their last indies live at the NHK hall

Tight Live at Singapore (Singapore's Youth Park)

Q&A from the same singapore concert.

Hope you liked them

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request [21 Sep 2008|05:46pm]

[ mood | happy ]


I am searching for some old baroque videos, whatever that is backstage/non pv is welcomed but I am really really looking for their Expect Rush video.

I was searching also for a song that I don't know if someone has it, it was a mp3 of a concert or anything similar of Kei singing an anime song or something similar? it was short but very funny I was just hoping someone had it I lost all my files and I can't find the cds I burned with my baroque stuff.

thanks in advance!


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