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東京ストリッパー : a baroque fan community
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Welcome to Tokyo Stripper, a community dedicated to the Japanese rock band, baroque.



Kei and Ryou have REVIVED their old band, KANNIVALISM. kannivalism!

Important Announcement: 9/12/04-

baroque have announced on their official site that they are disbanding. This is a painful day for me and many baroque fans, but despite this I will keep the community running, as well as the website. For obvious reasons, the fanbook will be closed, but I will keep the journal up anyway.

Thank you for three wonderful years. We're all anxious to see where you go from here. <3


This community was made for fans of baroque to come and discuss the band, its music, and its members. A few simple rules apply:

1. Please do not post outrageous rumors.
2. Fanfics are not allowed, but fanart is- as long as you post it under an lj-cut. Lyrics are also welcome!
3. Stay on topic. Posts should be about baroque. If your post is not about baroque, it will be deleted.
4. Keep fights to a minimum. It's understandable that some people may have disputes with others, but there is a difference between a debate and harassment.
5. DO NOT MAKE AN INTRO POST! Go HERE and comment on the entry to introduce yourself. Intro posts WILL be deleted.
6. Have fun! That's what this community is all about.

Your moderators are:


Latest releases:

Sug life
Release date: 9/01/04

1. ■
2. style
3. ガリロン (gariron)
4. 歪 (wai)
5. rump
6. ヒトのイロ (hito no iro)
7. exit
8. ila.
9. bug
10. Nutty a hermit.
11. sound of respire
12. キャラメルドロップス (caramel drops)
13. グラフィックノイズ (graphic noise)
14. ■

Nutty a hermit.
Release date: 7/28/04

1. bug
2. Nutty a hermit.

Includes DVD with promo clips.
ガリロン (gariron)
Release date: 4/21/04

1. ガリロン (gariron)
2. redbird
3. 歪 (wai)

Release date: 4/7/04

1. space cadet
2. ila.

Includes DVD with ila. PV.