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keeping this a bit alive :D

Hi again!!!

This comm seems a bit half dead ;_; and I just wanted to share a bit of the Baroque love!

I found some old videos in a cd I burned somewhen in the... 2005 or so and since I didn't see them in the youtube I decided to upload them, I also upload their expect rush that aoi_shoujo send my in my request, thanks again!! If you want me to credit you I will do so x)

There are the videos, I hope they are new for you also (:

expect rush (again thanks to aoi_shoujo

Little clip from their last indies live at the NHK hall

Tight Live at Singapore (Singapore's Youth Park)

Q&A from the same singapore concert.

Hope you liked them
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i hadn't seen the two singapore ones before, thank you! :D

also, would it be too much trouble for you to upload the original of the last indies live backstage/clip video? i used to have it a few years ago but i managed to misplace a load of old back-up discs i made whilst moving house and i've never managed to find them again. :\ if you can't, no problem, but i thought i'd ask anyway. :3

And sure I will!! it may take a while since it's a kinda big file, but I will upload and post it here in the comm.
thank you! ♥ :D
i'll look out for it.
the last indies live was so cute and funny!
yes, please upload it!!
isn't it?
and I will upload it soon!!