Misha (tokyostoicage) wrote in tokyo_stripper,

Translating Ryo's tweets

I posted this on the community for Kannivalism the other day but I figured I should probably put it here too.

Just in case anyone is interested, I started translating Ryo's tweets about a week ago or so. I'll also be translating Yuchi's, kannivalism's, baroque's and boogieman's tweets.

The translations can be found here.

You can search the translations through the tags with either the date they were posted (in Japan) or by their twitter handle. Since I just started it won't be that hard to look through them, but I'm sure it will come in handy later. Any requests for translations of anything specific related to kannivalism/baroque/boogieman is okay too. I mostly started translating them to learn more Japanese and practice since it's been three months since I came back from Japan and I haven't really used my Japanese since then.

I figured someone might appreciate the translations! Sorry I'm not going to be putting them on livejournal. I don't use lj enough.

and of course if anyone has any corrections that would be great.

I generally get the translations out a day after they are tweeted in one post for the day. 

Thank you!
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