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Hey there, I went the little HEARTS. 4th anniversary concert on the 6th this month. 

The set list from Oct. 6th was as follows:
intro (what they got on stage to): ロード・オブ・ザ・ミャンマー (Lord of the Myanmar)
1. 我伐道 (Gakidou)
2. ザザ降り雨 (Zazaburi Ame)
3. 独楽 (Koma)
4. 凛然アイデンティティ (Rinzen Identity)
5. teeny-tiny star

Bansaku wasn't at the show still and they left his bass on stage. Everyone was in relatively in a good mood, though. ryo was all smiles and his hair is a bit lighter now. They were hocking off goods from the earlier tours; there wasn't anything new at all. Of course baroque was amazing and left me wanting to see them again. And as Bansaku is missing and the NHK hall show is the last show they have listed (and I'm worried..) I managed to get off work and whatnot to be able to go to the NHK Hall live next month as well and I'll update how that goes.

I'm sorry in advance, but please don't send me any requests for goods.

I was 3rd row, right in front of Akira. The furi for baroque is alternating between clapping cutely and headbanging like crazy! There was a part in 独楽 where ryo would sing one line, and then we would sing the next and we alternated during that verse. I think ザザ might have had the most headbanging. 凛然 is definitely meant to be played live; though I was really hoping for ila. or モノドラマ (monodrama). All in all it was a really fun live, but it was a shame they could only play five songs. ryo did have a short MC but I can't really remember what he said--my listening ability is pretty crappy anyway.

The bands played in this order: DaizyStripper, vistlip, Sadie, wyse, baroque, Girugamesh, Nightmare.

Speaking of goods, though, here is a picture of all the goods I bought while in Tokyo.

1. my ticket
2. signed baroque card (of course missing bansaku's signature)
3. baroque t-shirt (from the 2nd stage of their phenomenon tour.. so from like february/march i think)
4. boogieman towel (I got this at closet child, not the live)
5. SHOXX nightmare vs baroque
6. LEGENDA take free mag
7. akira cheki (I got this at closet child. The sales woman gave me the Japanese brush off about cheki at the live. We were pretty unimpressed with the sales service of everyone but the guy working the Girugamesh table)
8. Mと積み木遊び (M to Tsumiki Asobi) demo tape (closet child again, not the live)
9. Fanclub pamphlet (closet child)
10. Tour pamph for the 3rd stage of the phenomenon tour
11. Tour pamph for the 1st and 2nd stage of the phenomenon tour

I also got a sticker. The only new thing was the LEGENDA--which was free and the signed card which was a event special thing anyway. The signed card wasn't sold at the baroque table, it was a present if you bought more than ¥2,000 at the little HEARTS. table (which my friend spent..way more than that and got that for me and gave it to me). 

If you have any specific questions about the live I'll be happy to answer them.

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